SelectaDNA Defence Spray

SelectaDNA Defence Spray is a compact offender marking spray used to deter and prevent personal attack.

Promoting the use of the SelectaDNA Defence Spray will form a deterrent to criminal incidents, attacks to your staff, premises and property.

  • Compact and light-weight
  • Easy to use
  • Proven technology to convict criminals
  • Invisible marking solution
  • Police approved

SelectaDNA Defence Spray is an ideal piece of equipment for Police Community Support Officers, professionals in the security industry, people employed in vulnerable positions of responsibility (such as hospital staff, taxi drivers, door staff and shop keepers) and victims of domestic violence.

It allows them to discreetly mark and identify the offender, providing legal evidence that can link them to the scene of a crime, without stepping outside the boundaries of their role.

SelectaDNA Defence Spray - How does it work?

 The SelectaDNA Defence Spray works by spraying the offender with an invisible synthetic DNA solution, that marks skin and clothing for up to 3 weeks.

The solution contains a unique DNA code that is registered to the user and location. Police use an ultraviolet light to locate marked areas, immediately linking the offender to a crime scene.

The unit is operated with one hand. Using your thumb or forefinger and holding in an upright position, a quick press of the canister will release a jet of clear liquid that will reach up to a distance of 5 metres. The device holds approximately 14 spray bursts of 0.5 seconds each.

Product Specification

  •  Police approved hand held tagging device (Secured by Design accredited)
  • Emits a harmless, unique colourless solution that is invisible to the naked eye and therefore does not heighten tension at the scene of the incident
  • Designed for touch operation use and to prevent accidental discharge
  • Used to mark areas of the skin and clothing that cna then be used to link and offender to the scene of a crime.
  • Interchangeable belt clip to allow left or right handed use.
  • Essential training required by all users. This is provided by Selectamark Security Systems plc.