Crime Prevention Design Advisor, Met Police, London Borough of Greenwich

'The use of SELECTADNA in our 465-home pilot scheme has helped reduce burglaries by 85%, theft from motor vehicles by 60%, theft of motor vehicles by 50% - we have been absolutely delighted with the results.'

Regional Head of Security, GlaxoSmithKline

'Using SELECTADNA to protect GSK's IT equipment and in particular our laptops, has proved to be a great success. Not only is SELECTADNA incredibly quick and easy to apply, but over a 12 month period it has reduced internal theft of equipment by 92%. This has saved GSK a significant amount of money and employee time in dealing with losses. We have been delighted with the results, especially considering the small investment involved in the project.'

Community Safety and Crime Programme Manager, New Deal for Communities, Salford

'Using SELECTADNA as part of a package of burglary reduction measures has had a real and lasting effect on our local community, reducing the fear of crime as well as actual levels of crime - burglary has fallen by an incredible 60%!'

Detective Inspector, Met Police, Kingston-upon-Thames

'Kingston Police, in conjunction with the Royal Borough of Kingston Partnership have been happy to offer SelectaDNA to all schools within the Borough. It's easy to use, a good deterrent to thieves, and is non toxic, therefore not harmful to children. Burglaries in schools have fallen by 47% since the implementation of SeclectaDNA, when compared to the same period last year.'

Manager, Winsford Industrial Estate

'Every business has decided to use SELECTADNA and I’m sure it will put thieves off attempting to commit offences here. Police custody suites in Cheshire will be looking out for this, so criminals know they will be caught if they try to steal from the Estate.'
Six months later and break-ins and thefts had been eliminated altogether.

Project Manager, Community Safety, Clapham Park Project

'I was looking for a product that would help safeguard the property of our residents and help reduce the fear of crime in the community. SELECTADNA both deters thieves breaking in to properties and assists in the recovery of stolen goods so that they can be returned to their rightful owners. SELECTADNA was recommended to me by the local Police Crime Prevention Design Adviser and we have been delighted with the product - the kits are easy to use and inexpensive compared to the possible cost of being broken in to.'

Operation Lockout Project Coordinator, Richmond upon Thames Community Safety Partnership

'We are using SELECTADNA as one facet of a holistic crime prevention campaign to combat residential burglary and thefts from motor vehicles. Early analysis is producing some very encouraging results. The borough set itself a target of reducing residential burglaries by 10% over the next year, and the financial year to date figures compared with the same period last year is showing a 41% decrease. SELECTADNA is proving to be a significant factor in the overall effort to reduce crime, and the publicity surrounding the adoption of forensic marking has generated an unprecedented interest from the community.'

IT Manager, The Queen Katherine School, Cumbria

'SELECTADNA is an excellent product - easy to order and easy to apply. We can protect whole rooms of equipment in next to no time. Hopefully if kit is stolen we will have a much higher chance of return although with the excellent bright orange signs everywhere it will probably put thieves off in the first place.'


'The SELECTADNA home kit I ordered yesterday turned up in today's post.  Most impressed by the sales and logistics process of your business.  Quite the best example of customer service I have seen this year (and in recent memory).  Please send my congratulations to the team.'